Aegaeon Server

Welcome to Aegaeon Server project page!

Aegaeon is an open source implementation of Openid Connect 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 protocols. It provides a single sign-on solution to you or your enterprise and can be used to allow access to your resources to external partners.

Aegaeon is configurable, extendable and themable. Its code can be reviewed and modified to adapt to your requisites. License under Apache 2.0, you are free to use it, to fork it or to maintain a custom build for your own needs.

Contributions are obviously welcome!

Key features are:

  • Various authorization flows (Implicit, authorization code and client credential)
  • Introspect token endpoint for applications not supporting JWT token's validation
  • Encrypted tokens
  • Basic user profile and client configuration
  • Single instance or high availability / multi-instances setup

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